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Headshot of Principal, Philip Michels

Philip Michels


Headshot of Senior Attorney, Jin Lew

Jin Lew

Senior Attorney

Headshot of Attorney / Of Counsel, Steven B. Stevens

Steven B. Stevens

Attorney / Of Counsel

Headshot of Attorney / Of Counsel,  Martin P. Weniz

Martin P. Weniz

Attorney / Of Counsel

Medical Staff

Headshot of Medical Director,  Bradford S. Davis, M.D.

Bradford S. Davis, M.D.

Medical Director

Legal Support Staff

Headshot of Client Relations Manager, Monica Alonso

Monica Alonso

Client Relations Manager

Headshot of Director of Administration, Helene Rubinfeld Bizar

Helene Rubinfeld Bizar

Director of Administration

Headshot of Legal Assistant, Araceli Blanco

Araceli Blanco

Legal Assistant

Headshot of Administrative Assistant, Ramona Carter

Ramona Carter

Administrative Assistant

Headshot of Records Manager, Sandra Galvan

Sandra Galvan

Records Manager

Headshot of Litigation Manager, Rose Gutierrez

Rose Gutierrez

Litigation Manager

Headshot of Legal Assistant, Jill Kuba

Jill Kuba

Legal Assistant

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