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If an irresponsible organization, a negligent corporation or a reckless individual has caused you and your family suffering, you may be wondering how you can get justice and financial support. Our team of attorneys has been getting justice and compensation for clients throughout California for more than 40 years. We have recovered millions of dollars for people throughout California who have suffered paralysis.

Lawsuits that involve a paralyzed victim are often medically and legally complex. Highly-experienced attorneys are essential for this challenging litigation. Additionally, the medical bills you have incurred and will incur in the future may be substantial. In these circumstances, insurance companies may be particularly reluctant to pay what is fair. Call on our legal team for the legal and medical background you need on your side to stand up to insurance companies. Our skills are particularly apparent in cases that involve the most catastrophic injuries.

At trial or in settlement negotiations, our attorneys know how to get results. No matter how aggressive insurance company attorneys or their legal teams may be, we have the resources and legal experience to challenge any opponent. Furthermore, Brad Davis M. D. is our in-house medical expert and is a board certified quality-assurance specialist and former emergency room physician. With Dr. Davis and other medical experts to call upon, we can offer a thorough analysis of your medical records to determine if medical malpractice or negligence may have contributed to your suffering. To analyze your situation and to aggressively advocate for your rights, call on Michels & Lew. Our medical expertise and legal experience will make the difference in your case.

A Candid and Insightful Assessment of your Case

Paralysis may be caused by birth trauma, spinal cord injury, an infection such as meningitis, or lack of oxygen (brain hypoxia). A wide-variety of causes can lead to paraplegia, quadriplegia, or full paralysis, but all such cases have at least one thing in common: the injury will dramatically change a person's life forever. While the injury may be treated, there is a high likelihood the catastrophe will continue to exert its influence for a very long time. At our law firm, we know these types of traumas have ripple effects. Adaptations to your home and your vehicles; medical care by leading experts; physical therapy; alterations to your career aspirations; the deep impact on your daily life. Paralysis is life changing.

If we represent you, we will dedicate our considerable resources to the evaluation, investigation, and litigation of your case.

At your initial meeting with us, we will collect details about your situation and, most importantly, listen to your story. After we have gathered preliminary information, we will offer a candid assessment of your case: what are its merits? what are the challenges? what are the chances of success? Because we accept cases on contingency, we will not represent you if we do not believe we can win. You should know, however, we often take cases that have been turned down by other law firms. We are also successful in nearly 95% of the cases we take and have helped our clients obtain over $1.5 billion for their medical costs and suffering. With our law firm on your side, you will have proven medical and legal advocates that have a long history of success.

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