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Child Abuse & Neglect Lawyers

Physical and mental abuse of a child can have a lasting impact, creating life-long emotional scars. The law protects children from abuse through criminal prosecution and also allows families to seek financial compensation in civil lawsuits. This money can be used to pay for the counseling that the child will need for an emotional recovery.

At the Los Angeles personal injury law firm of Michels & Lew, children are our primary concern. Many of the cases our attorneys handle involve injuries to children from medical malpractice, school negligence and child sexual abuse. We also represent children throughout California in civil suits against people who have physically assaulted them.

We are lawyers for the children

Justice for the child in physical abuse and neglect lawsuits

We have handled a number of child abuse and neglect cases in California civil courts. Usually these cases are brought to our attention by a parent, grandparent or relative of the child. Our goal is to ensure that the child is removed from the abusive situation, protected from future abuse, and compensated for his or her pain and suffering.

Child abuse is not just limited to overt physical or emotional abuse of a child. Lesser known, yet equally reprehensible, examples of child abuse or child neglect include:

  • Failing to provide medical treatment for a sick child
  • Failing to ensure that a child is wearing a seat belt and the child is later hurt in a car accident
  • Failing to provide supervision or a lack of adequate supervision for a young child who wanders away from a daycare or a group home and suffers injury
  • Failing to provide proper supervision of children on a playground or school yard in order to prevent assault, kidnapping or to respond to a medical emergency
  • Failing to recognize a medical problem during a sports activity so that a child suffers serious injury or death

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Our staff provides far more than just legal services. We give our clients the support they need to survive and move forward with their lives.

Contact our Los Angeles Child Abuse Attorney to arrange a consultation. We help child victims hold their abusers fully accountable. We serve clients throughout California.

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