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Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers

Our attorneys have over a century of combined experience representing clients with catastrophic injuries and we have a proven record of success.

  • Over $1.5 billion recovered for our injured clients
  • More than 40 years of experience
  • An in-house board certified physician in emergency room care and quality assurance who will review your medical records
  • A history of success in cases turned down by other attorneys and rejected by experts

We are a law firm that understands your struggles, and we prioritize personal service. In addition to our attorneys, our physician, and an entire staff dedicated to your success, we have a Director of Client Relations guiding you through the entire process. We know litigation can be a challenge for people who are not involved in it on a daily basis as we are. Our goal is to make our office welcoming and the legal process as transparent as possible.

Injuries to the Spine have a Long-Lasting Impact

Founder Philip Michels met a little girl when she was three years old. She was bright and talkative. She also could not walk. The hospital told her parents she must have a rare muscle disease. After studying the details of her case, we quickly discovered the real problem.

A doctor's error during childbirth had nearly severed the little girl's spinal cord. Philip Michels won $120 million in future compensation for her. That money is being used to provide the best care, equipment and therapy available. She is now learning to walk and planning to go to college. This little girl's parents reached out to Michels & Lew and got results.

If you or a loved one has suffered a spinal cord injury and you are unsure of the cause, contact us. In a case evaluation we will collect details of your case and determine if legal action is appropriate.

When representing a client with a spinal cord injury, our lawyers have to accomplish three things: find the negligent cause of the injury, show the extent of our client's loss and identify the responsible parties. We invest heavily in our cases at no cost to you. The resources we bring to catastrophic injury cases allow us to thoroughly investigate and prepare for success. These cases can be medically and legally complex. The need for compensation may be great. We have the resources to help.

In addition to paraplegia, quadriplegia, and other degrees of paralysis, spinal cord injuries can cause chronic pain, numbness and weakness. Our attorneys work with life care planners and economic experts to obtain compensation that provides a lifetime of the best medical care, therapy and, if necessary, long-term nursing care. We will pursue the compensation that makes possible all the care you need. In addition, the result of your case should provide for handicap accessible housing, transportation and, if necessary, high-quality long-term care. Our staff and our lawyers provide far more than legal services, we give our clients the support they need to thrive following tragic accidents.

Our cases are accepted on contingency, so if we do not succeed, you will owe us nothing. Reach out to us for a case evaluation with medical and legal professionals dedicated to your best interests.

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