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Brain Injuries at Birth

Birth Injuries and the Brain

How One Medical Error Can Turn Joy to Terror

Childbirth should be an unforgettable, milestone experience, filled with happiness. Yet for some parents, that joy is stolen by medical negligence. Brain injuries associated with mistakes made during the birthing process can leave babies with lifelong injuries -- and leave their parents filled with anxiety, grief and fear for the future.

Such scenarios are by no means uncommon. The United States is one of the most dangerous places in the developed world for new mothers and babies, according to published research. Hundreds of women die in the U.S. during childbirth annually. Another 30,000 newborns suffer an injury during birth. Many of these injuries cause serious brain damage leading to lifelong complications.

What makes these incidents even worse is that so many -- up to half according to recent studies -- could have been prevented. Simple and preventable medical errors are often to blame.

Why Brain Injuries Are So Common at Birth

While modern medicine has advanced to the point where we take safe delivery of babies almost for granted, medical complications arising from childbirth still injure thousands of babies every year. are the primary cause of birth-related injuries and deaths.

Some of the most dangerous injuries are to the newborn brain. Medical errors may lead to:

These injuries are often directly related to a delayed response by medical staff during childbirth complications. Other factors may include a failure to diagnose the distress of a fetus or newborn, misuse of birthing drugs or tools or the failure to order a timely C-section.

All of these situations can result in death or brain damage, leaving babies with reduced quality of life and forcing parents to assume unimaginable emotional and financial burdens. While some victims of brain damage may improve over time, others are consigned to a life of diminished capacity.

Fortunately, the legal system protects babies and their parents who have been victimized by a brain injury suffered at birth.

Finding an experienced attorney is critical to seeking justice.

Working With an Experienced Legal Advocate

Brain injuries suffered at the dawn of a new life are traumatic in the extreme. The wrong medical decision can leave extraordinary hardship in its wake. The fact that so many of these injuries are preventable makes them even more tragic.

Fortunately, laws exist to help families and their injured children seek justice. Working with a law firm that has the requisite experience to handle complex brain injury cases is the best way to help ensure that you are fairly compensated for everything you and your child have lost -- through no fault of your own.

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