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Elder Abuse & Nursing Home Injuries

Every senior citizen has the right to live a life of dignity, safe from physical, emotional and economic abuse. Unfortunately, that is not the reality for many of our elders, particularly those living in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Reports of nursing home negligence and elder abuse abound.

The attorneys at Michels & Lew are committed to protecting senior citizens and seeking justice when vulnerable elders have suffered injury, abuse or neglect in a nursing home. We've been doing so for many years.

Our legal team and medical director are skilled at investigating nursing home injury claims. Whether or not we find a physical or financial injury has occurred, we will provide you with a clear explanation of what we uncover. We will also explain the rights of residents in a California nursing home.

Nursing home injuries: signs of abuse and neglect

Investigations of nursing home injuries often uncover a dangerous preference for corporate profits over resident safety. Poorly trained and overworked staff members fail to follow care plans or adequately supervise residents. Kitchens fail to follow nutrition requirements. Often this negligence goes unnoticed until the senior citizen becomes seriously ill or dies prematurely.

While it's true elders in nursing homes are often frail, there are certain signs that should cause you to suspect nursing home negligence may have played a role in any injuries.

  • Your loved one has a significant and unexplained weight loss, which may signal malnutrition. Nursing home staff is responsible for monitoring food intake and ensuring adequate food and water to prevent dehydration.
  • You observe that your loved one has bedsores (also called decubitus ulcers or pressure sores). Bedsores are preventable and treatable, but failure to provide proper treatment can result in a fatal infection called sepsis.
  • The elder has suffered a fracture (a broken hip or a broken arm) or has bruises from a fall. Staff must assist residents who are so frail or unsteady that they need help walking. Staff should ensure proper restraints are in place for residents who could slip out of a chair or fall out of bed.
  • You know your relative has been restrained and staff reports an accident involving restraints. Seniors have been known to suffer strangulation / oxygen deprivation and brain damage from improper use of restraints.
  • Your loved one suddenly becomes fearful, apprehensive, depressed or withdrawn, which may signal that emotional abuse or sexual assault has occurred.

We Can Help You If You Have Signed an Arbitration Clause

Most nursing homes require their clients to sign agreements to arbitrate any disputes that may arise. If you have done so, do not assume you have no rights. Have one of our attorneys review your arbitration agreement before you agree to arbitrate your dispute.

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