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Cancer: Improper Treatment, Radiation Accidents, Failure to Diagnose

As frightening as the word is, many forms of cancer, in the early stages, respond well to treatment. Simple and relatively inexpensive tests such as the mammogram for breast cancer, the colonoscopy for colon cancer, the PSA test for prostate cancer, and a visual screening for skin cancer are keys to early diagnosis. Even brain cancer, depending on the type and location of the tumor, may be treated effectively.

If a doctor fails to order these tests, a radiologist errs in reading test results, or a patient's doctor fails to follow up on a report, the failure to diagnose cancer or misdiagnosis constitutes medical malpractice. Such malpractice can lead to devastating medical challenges including premature death. At Michels & Lew, our attorneys work with our team to see that victims of medical negligence recover compensation for their loss.

Other cancer cases our lawyers have handled involved radiation errors during cancer treatments. Medical malpractice is not necessarily the result of an individual doctor's or technician's lack of concern. The negligence often stems from the hospital or HMO's preference for profits over patient safety. If profit has been prioritized over safety and you have suffered as a result, responsible parties must be held accountable.

Please contact our LA office with the facts of your case. Our in-house doctor and medical malpractice lawyers will investigate and explain exactly what your situation is. You will owe us nothing unless we recover compensation on your behalf.

Verdicts and settlements

  • Our client was a six-year old girl. Her brain tumor, located in the pituitary gland, showed up on a CT scan, but the scan was misread by a student who had not finished radiology training. As a result of the misdiagnosis, the cancer, very treatable in the early stages, grew and caused permanent injury. Our lawyers recovered the highest amount ever paid in Riverside County for a child cancer case at that time. The girl now has excellent care and a beautiful home suited to her needs.
  • Our client was given, because of a misplaced decimal point, ten times the normal dose of radiation. As a result she was blinded. The defendant offered a small settlement, saying she was going to die soon anyway. Every member of our firm was offended. We arranged for an early trial date and a new doctor. The defendant paid three times the original offer and formally admitted the mistake.
  • This fifteen-year old child had radiation treatments—that missed the cancer and attacked the wrong part of her brain. Our client received the maximum amount available.
  • A young mother had been progressively losing the ability to walk after radiation for colon cancer. Our lawyers found that the radiation was twice as close to her skin as it should have been. As a result of the massive overdose, her spinal cord was burned. Our client's husband received a settlement that allowed him to buy a business, take care of their children and put the children through school.

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Was your cancer misdiagnosed or improperly treated? At Michels & Lew our staff, led by Bradford S. Davis, M.D., will help you find out what went wrong. If a member of your family was injured as a result of medical negligence, our attorneys will hold those responsible accountable. Our Los Angeles firm serves clients throughout California and surrounding states. Our staff and our lawyers provide far more than legal services, giving our clients the support they need to survive following tragic medical accidents and other acts of negligence.

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