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School Accidents, Negligent Supervision

It is usually the most fragile child that is injured in a school accident, a child whose special need for protection has been documented. At Michels & Lew we call ourselves "attorneys for the children." It is our job to hold school administrators, teachers, and aides accountable for negligent supervision and their failure to protect a child from foreseeable injury.

Investigating a school accident or sexual assault

Was your child injured in a school accident or medical event that should not have happened? Do you suspect your child is the victim of sexual abuse or bullying? You deserve answers, and your child deserves justice. Please contact our Los Angeles office to arrange a case evaluation. Our lawyers and team will review the facts. We may arrange for your child to be evaluated by an expert in the relevant field at our firm's expense. When we have completed our preliminary investigation, an attorney will explain exactly what we have found out. Our LA law firm serves children throughout California and surrounding states.

If a special condition was on record, it is the school's responsibility to be ready to respond

In a recent case our client's medical condition was on file, yet when the child's heart stopped, despite that warning, there was no one present who knew CPR. As a result our client suffered a catastrophic injury. If you had informed the school of an allergy to bee stings it is the responsibility of the school to be ready to respond appropriately, including administration of an epinephrine shot. If your child's record mentions a peanut or other food allergy, it is the staff's responsibility to take reasonable measures to prevent an allergic reaction and an injury to the child.

Criminal background checks of teachers, staff, and students

It is a sad thing when a child suffers a sexual assault or violent assault at school. Criminal background checks and employment checks are reasonable, simple steps in hiring. No teacher, school bus driver, aides, cafeteria worker, or custodian with a record of previous problems should be hired by a school district. Was your child physically assaulted or sexually abused by a fellow student? Our attorneys will access records that will reveal whether the school should have known about the risk.

Verdicts and Settlements: Our client was a young boy who had been sexually abused in a school lavatory - not once, but several times by an older student. Our lawyers found that records of the older boy's previous offenses in another state had been sitting on the desk of the school psychologist for months without being read. Our firm sent our client to a specialist in childhood sexual abuse who, after a thorough evaluation, was convinced our client had been the victim of sexual assault. The school district refused to accept responsibility—at trial the school district's attorney suggested that our client was perhaps a consenting homosexual. The jury awarded the highest verdict in the history of California, against the school district, for the sexual attack.

Was your child injured in a school accident as a result of negligent supervision? At Michels & Lew our lawyers will hold those responsible accountable. Our Los Angeles firm serves clients throughout California and surrounding states. Our staff and the lawyers provide far more than legal services, giving our clients the support they need to survive following tragic playground accidents and school negligence.

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