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Attorneys for the Most Serious Personal Injury Cases

From the San Joaquin Valley through San Diego, and from San Bernardino to Oakland, lawyers refer their catastrophic injury clients to us. Victims ask for our help even when they have already been turned down by multiple law firms. We are often extremely successful in cases that other attorneys would not take. For this, and many other reasons, we have been named one of the top law firms in the United States by the American Trial Lawyers Association. Many of our attorneys are Super Lawyers and have been awarded that recognition every year since 2005. In 2003, Philip Michels was also named trial lawyer of the year by the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles. US News has also recognized us as one of America's best law firms. We have earned these and other awards because we treat each case—and each client—as our priority.

Because we focus our attention on the most serious and catastrophic personal injury cases, and because we have been doing so for more than 40 years, we know that our approach to the law is successful. We have recovered more than 1.5 billion dollars for clients over the last several decades and we have done so by offering personalized and dedicated representation in extremely complex cases.

When we take a case, we focus all of our resources on pursuing justice and compensation for the people we represent:

  • Over three decades of experience in serious injury cases in California
  • A history of success in more than 95% of our cases
  • A board certified quality assurance and emergency room medical specialist on our staff
  • Nationwide access to expert witnesses to investigate your case and testify on your behalf
  • The ability to invest large amounts of resources into the investigation of your injury
  • Cases accepted on a contingency basis. If we don’t succeed, you will owe us nothing
  • Ability to support our clients through the litigation

If we accept your case, it is because we believe it has merit. We thoroughly investigate to determine the cause of the injury and if the findings confirm our beliefs, we move forward with every intention of succeeding. Call us for a case evaluation to determine the strength of your legal claim.

We are particularly successful in cases involving legal complexity and intricate medical issues. Some of the areas in which we have distinguished ourselves:

A Distinguished Personal Injury Law Firm for all of California

Our reputation has been built on helping our clients achieve their goals: compensation for medical costs and financial support for lifestyle adjustments resulting from catastrophic injuries. We have been known as “Lawyers for the Children” for many years because of our long-record of success in birth injury, school accident, and other child-injury cases. These often involve legal intricacies and medical challenges requiring extreme attention to detail and an ability to negotiate aggressively. Our experience in this area of the law serves us well in all personal injury cases. To determine if we are the right law firm to represent you, reach out to us as soon as possible.

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