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Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Catastrophic Injury Lawyers are on your Side

The Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyers of Michels & Lew are on your side if you or a loved one are the victim of a serious pedestrian accident. You need lawyers who know how to pursue maximum compensation on your behalf. Internal bleeding, severely broken limbs, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury and even wrongful death may be the result of a pedestrian accident. When the consequences are so serious, injury victims and their families need aggressive, experienced and knowledgeable attorneys.

The Los Angeles medical malpractice and catastrophic injury law firm of Michels & Lew has a history of success with the most serious injury cases. Call 310-444-1200 or 800-639-1400 if you need guidance from attorneys with decades of experience in the most complex and serious catastrophic injury cases.

Los Angeles is a Dangerous City for Pedestrians

A high volume of cars and a densely populated area with fair weather year round leads to many pedestrian accidents in the Los Angeles area. If you or a loved one have been hit by a car, you are not alone. The Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyers of Michels & Lew are prepared to offer you guidance and, if we represent you, we will collect no attorney's fees or recover any costs unless we win your case.

We have the resources and experience to litigate pedestrian accident cases and are particularly prepared for cases involving catastrophic injuries and intricate legal complexity. Some examples of such complexity:

  • Pedestrian accidents involving amputation, paralysis, brain damage and other serious injuries
  • Injuries occurring on public property involving government liabilit
  • Pedestrian accidents involving commercial vehicles
  • Accidents in which multiple parties contributed to dangerous conditions

If our Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyers take your case, we will thoroughly investigate the evidence and situation surrounding the accident. As your attorneys, we will advocate for your best interests and use all of our resources and experience to obtain a fair settlement. If the parties responsible for your suffering will not settle, we will confidently take them to trial.

Call our Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyers for a free case consultation and we will answer your questions, explain your options and candidly discuss the merits of your Los Angeles pedestrian accident case.

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