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Success Record

$120 Million

Birth Injury / Breech Birth

$74.5 Million

Negligent Care causing Cerebral Palsy

$20 Million

Permanent Paralysis Due to Faulty Monitoring of Brain Function During Surgery

$15 Million

Misdiagnosis of Cancer

$13 Million

Unnecessary Amputation

$10.85 Million

Wrongful Death/Uterine Bleed After C-Section-Jury Verdict After 2 Month Trial

$10 Million

Hospital Negligence that Resulted in Cardiac Arrest with Death

$10 Million

Delay in responding to abnormal labor/Severely brain damaged child

$9.7 Million

Medical Malpractice by Hospitals and Doctors Causes Mother’s Loss of Small Bowel Injury and Baby’s Brain Damage

$9 Million

Birth Injury / Failure to review fetal heart monitor

$8.48 Million

Delay in Recognition of Fetal Distress/Severe Brain Injury/Lack of Oxygen

$8.15 Million

Newborn Left With Severe Brain Damage Due to Hospital Negligence

$6.8 Million

Inexperienced Surgeon's Mistake Leaves Child Dependant on Ventilator

$6 Million

Hospital Negligence

$6 Million

Surgical Negligence

$5.5 Million

Numerous Attempts at Vacuum-Assisted Delivery Delays Emergency C-Section

$5.34 Million

Wrongful Death/Delay in Calling 911/Post Cosmetic Surgery/Post-Operative Bleeding

$5.1 Million

Hospital Negligence Results in Multiple Unnecessary Transplants for Newborn

$5 Million

Woman Left with Cognitive Impairment Due to Hospital Negligence

$5.5 Million

Medical Complications Leave Baby With Irreversible Brain Damage

$5 Million

Birth Injury/Delay in Recognition of Fetal Distress

$4.9 Million

Birth Injury/Ruptured Uterus/Delay in Response to Fetal Distress

$4.25 Million

15-Year-Old Drowns Due to Inattentive School's Lifeguard

$3.6 Million

Hospital Fails to Provide Timely Care to Pregnant Woman in Distress, Resulting in Serious Injury for Mother and Child

$3.5 Million

Six-Year-Old’s Tumor Worsens Due to Doctor Negligence

$3.5 Million

Medical Malpractice Injuries

$3.3 Million

Woman Left Brain Damaged and Blind Due to Medical Negligence

$3 Million

Man Left in Permanent Vegetative State Due to Doctor and Hospital Negligence

$2 Million

Permanent Paraplegia as a Result of Undiagnosed Epidural Hematoma

$2 Million

Delay of Bacterial Meningitis Diagnosis in Infant Causes Brain Damage

$1.9 Million

17-Year-Old Drowns Due to Lack of Supervision in PE Class

$1.7 Million

Negligent Doctors Fail to Treat Severe Fever Resulting in Amputation

$1.5 Million

Man Becomes Paraplegic Due to Physician Failure to Diagnose and Treat Spinal Mass

$1 Million

Unlicensed Medical Center Provides Negligent Care During Labor and Delivery


Doctor Fails to Inform Man of Lung Mass on X-Ray, Delaying Cancer Diagnosis

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