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Pediatric Malpractice Lawyers

Medical Malpractice Attorneys for Children

While Michels & Lew is a medical malpractice law firm with the resources to represent people of all ages, we are particularly prepared for cases that involve pediatric malpractice. The medical malpractice attorneys at Michels & Lew have a history of success in cases that involve very young children as well as teenagers who have been injured as the result of mistakes or negligence on the part of health care providers.

We are a Los Angeles birth injury, catastrophic injury and medical malpractice law firm with extensive resources and experience. We also have a history of success. Over the last several decades, our medical malpractice lawyers have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation for victims of hospital errors, misdiagnosis, labor and delivery mistakes and other situations involving medical malpractice. If you need legal assistance related to pediatric malpractice, we may be the law firm you need.

Call 800-639-1400 to speak with the pediatric malpractice attorneys and legal team at Michels & Lew or contact us online. We will determine the facts of your case to determine if we can help you. If we accept your case, our team of experts, medical investigators and highly experienced lawyers will provide you with a free, thorough evaluation and, if we represent you, we will devote vast resources to the pursuit of justice and compensation for you and your family.

Pediatric Malpractice Cases Require Specialized Resources

Children who are victims of medical malpractice need aggressive and dedicated advocates with the skill and resources to pursue maximum compensation. An injured or disabled child may need long-term medical care. Because of this and potentially complex medical and legal issues, pediatric malpractice cases require specialized resources. Michels & Lew has the resources including:

  • Decades of experience handling medical malpractice cases throughout California and the United States
  • Access to leading medical experts throughout the nation and the world
  • An in-house medical doctor who focuses on complex medical malpractice investigations
  • A long history of success with cases involving medical malpractice and cerebral palsy, pediatric brain injury, birth injuries and catastrophic injuries that occur at schools
  • Life-care planners and specialized accountants to determine the long-term costs for your child's healthcare needs

Our law firm is a powerful advocate for children's safety. We aggressively seek maximum compensation for our clients but we also fight for change so negligent health care providers are encouraged to prioritize child safety. If you need legal assistance from a proven law firm, contact the Los Angeles pediatric malpractice attorneys of Michels & Lew.

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