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Bicycle Accident Lawyers

If you or a loved one have suffered as a result of a catastrophic bicycle accident, the Los Angeles lawyers at Michels & Lew may be the advocates you need. While we focus on a wide-variety of personal injury, medical malpractice and other catastrophic injuries, we are particularly well-equipped for the most serious bicycle accidents. Bicycle accidents often lead to extremely serious injuries requiring long-term medical attention. If you are the victim of a negligent driver, a poorly maintained road, unsafe city planning, an irresponsible bicycle manufacturer or other party responsible for your suffering, you need knowledgeable and aggressive attorneys on your side.

Because bicycle crashes may lead to such serious injuries as amputated limbs, paralysis, traumatic brain injury and other devastating injuries, the insurance companies involved may resist offering fair compensation. The medical bills and the need for long-term medical care, reimbursement for lost wages, alterations to life plans and other costs may be substantial. Michels & Lew knows how to pursue maximum compensation. We also have a history of success and the resources necessary to fight for justice and maximum compensation on your behalf. Contact us because we have

  • Recovered more than $1.5 billion in compensation for our clients over the last several decades
  • Consistently been recognized by our peers, former clients and by national media sources as a leader in catastrophic injury litigation
  • An in-house medical doctor who can offer valuable medical insight to strengthen your case
  • A team of highly-skilled attorneys and an experienced staff dedicated to our clients' needs

Our Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyers have had a tremendous amount of success over the last several decades because we have the resources and experience to effectively negotiate with even the most well-funded defendants. We are also trial-tested attorneys who will not hesitate to take your case to court if that serves your best interests.

Attorneys for the Most Complex Bicycle Accident Lawsuits

In addition to the serious injuries resulting from a bike accident, wrongful or premature death may also be the result of a negligent car, truck, bus or other vehicle driver who caused a bicycle crash. When such serious issues are involved, a law firm with extensive resources is vital. Large insurance companies may aggressively fight to avoid paying fair compensation. Michels & Lew will fight back.

We have access to the necessary accident-scene investigators, bicycle engineers, medical specialists and other experts necessary to find the truth about your case. Our Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Lawyers also have the negotiating and court-room skill to aggressively fight for justice and compensation on your behalf. Contact us now to have a candid conversation about the merits of your case and to gain the peace of mind only experienced attorneys can provide.

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