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Attorneys for the most Serious Car Accidents in Los Angeles

The catastrophic car accident lawyers of Michels & Lew are prepared to thoroughly investigate your serious car accident in Los Angeles. With the resources, the experience and the skill to aggressively represent your best interests, Michels & Lew may be the legal team you need to pursue maximum compensation after a catastrophic car accident in Los Angeles.

For a free and candid consultation with highly successful Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyers, call 310-444-1200. Attorneys throughout Los Angeles are available to represent you after a fender bender on the 405 or a minor collision on PCH. But if you are suffering as the result of a serious car accident in Los Angeles, you need a personal injury law firm with a focus on the most serious cases. As a result of our experience with such serious cases, Michels & Lew has recovered more than $1.5 billion over the last several decades for injury victims.

Lawyers for Los Angeles Car Accidents with Serious Injuries

The catastrophic personal injury attorneys of Michels & Lew are lawyers for Los Angeles car accidents with serious injuries. Our experience in personal injury law is focused on the highest stakes and most medically complex cases. If you or a loved one has been involved in a high-speed or extremely serious car accident, you need attorneys prepared for cases that involve:

A serious car accident in Los Angeles can lead to massive medical expenses and significant adaptations to your way of life. All of your costs should be considered. While there are many possible causes of a car crash in Los Angeles, our catastrophic personal injury lawyers will seek to hold all liable parties accountable and maximize the amount of compensation available. Liable parties may include:

  • An automobile manufacturer
  • A city, county, state or federal agency that did not maintain safe roadways
  • Another driver who behaved recklessly or illegally
  • A private corporation that contributed to hazardous driving conditions

Any party that contributed to your suffering should be held accountable. Furthermore, Michels & Lew are highly successful medical malpractice attorneys. If your injuries were exacerbated by poor medical care, we will pursue justice on your behalf in a medical malpractice suit. No matter the challenges involved in your case, call the Los Angeles catastrophic car accident lawyers of Michels & Lew.

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