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Failure to Treat Stroke and Heart Attack

A young man playing ball dropped dead of a heart attack—it turned out that a previous medical exam had provided evidence the man had arterial disease and was at risk, evidence that was overlooked by the physician. A patient entered the emergency room with chest pain and was misdiagnosed, given aspirin, and sent home—to suffer a major heart attack. A woman was admitted to the emergency room with an excruciating headache and sent home where, several days later, she died of an aneurism that could have been treated. These are a few of the stories attorneys at our Los Angeles personal injury firm have heard about misdiagnosis of warning signs and failure to treat heart attacks and strokes.

Contact our LA office with the facts of your case for an evaluation. Our team and lawyers will determine whether early action or another treatment would have made a difference in that situation.

The medical profession now has the means for early diagnosis of conditions that put patients at risk of heart attack or stroke. New treatments (clot busters), if administered within hours of the onset of heart attack or stroke can dramatically reduce the degree of injury to the brain or heart. Sadly, many patients never benefit from early diagnosis or treatment, and suffer serious, unnecessary injury, even death. A large share of our practice is devoted to medical malpractice. Our lawyers have the experience and our firm has the resources to investigate cases and find out what really happened.

Another emphasis of our firm is child injuries. Our attorneys were able to successful recover compensation from a school district after a student suffered serious injury when, despite information available to the school, there was no one available to perform CPR when the student collapsed.

Was emergency room error the reason your stroke or heart attack was not properly treated? Contact our LA office. At Michels & Lew our staff, led by Bradford S. Davis, M.D., will help you find out what went wrong. If a member of your family was injured as a result of medical negligence, our attorneys will hold those responsible accountable. Our Los Angeles firm serves clients throughout California and surrounding states. Our staff and the lawyers provide far more than legal services, giving our clients the support they need to survive following tragic hospital accidents.

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